Game 1 recap

Well I am almost speechless after that victory. That could not have been better. It is so sweet to think about what Jerry Jones’s mood must be right now. Despite pulling off the always important week 1 victory the Jets have a lot to work on in the coming week to be ready for their matchup with the Jags. Wayne Hunter struggled mightily, as did the defense for much of the night. The pass rush was not great without a blitz other than a few plays by Pace. In the end none of this mattered because it came down to Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez. Sanchez showed once again why he is a winner stepping up in the fourth quarter as he so often does. Tony Romo showed us why he is not a winner and crumbled down the stretch. Sorry Tony.

Early on things did not look promising for the Jets. On the first drive I thought Rex got completely out coached by Jason Garrett. On the third play of the game the Jets defense fell asleep at the wheel, leaving Bryan Thomas to attempt to cover Dez Bryant. As you can probably assume that did not work out. Bryant turned it into a 47 yard gain and then three plays later scored the game’s first touchdown. As Bryant displayed his supreme athletic ability there was nothing Cromartie could possibly do. So Rex took care of that problem quickly by sending Bryant to Revis island. The Jets offense did not exactly have an effective first drive to pick up the defense. Wayne Hunter was an issue the entire game. He stood no chance against Demarcus Ware, or really anyone on the Cowboys defense. This is an issue that is going to have to be addressed, he better pick up his game. The Jets defense stepped up in a big way for the remainder of the first half. Calvin Pace looked great flying off the edge and ended the game with 1 sack credited to him but multiple other QB pressures. Bart Scott made his presence felt in a big way early and often tonight.

The Jets offense could not get anything going until the end of the 2nd quarter when they scored a critical TD. Dustin Keller finally showed up on this drive and caught a beautiful ball by Mark Sanchez in the back of the endzone. The offense needed this drive in the worst way. Without it I do not believe the Jets pull this one out. The defense again looked shaky when Dallas got the ball on their first drive of the second half. On a play where it looked to me as if Cro made the interception, Miles Austin made a great play ripping the ball right out of the Jets corners grasp. This made it a 10 point game. New York got the ball back desperately needing at least three. They did just yet as Nick Folk put a 34 yard field goal through the uprights.

After the three points the defense needed to step up and they did showing their bend but don’t break mentality. It looked as if the game’s momentum was swinging in the Jets direction until Sanchez threw a crucial interception to Sean Lee who returned it all the way to the Jets 1 yard line. Felix Jones scored to make it a 2 touchdown game with just 14 minutes left to play. When the Jets got the ball back they immediately went to no huddle. It did not take Sanchez long to find Burress on the right side of the field for his first career touchdown as a Jet. Dallas got the ball back and it took Romo little time to work the middle of the field like he had been all night. He hit Witten for a 64 yard gain all the way to the three. On third down Romo tried to do too much and was stripped my Devito in a game changing play. Sanchez started to put together a drive until Ball came off the edge for Dallas and strip sacked Mark. Dallas recovered and it appeared as though the Jets were in some major trouble headed for a week one loss. This was until the defense came on the field made some big plays and forced Dallas all the way back to a 4th and 22. If I would have told you before the game that Joe Mcknight was going to make the play of the game you would have laughed at me right? Well he did, the seas parted for him and he blocked Mcbriar punt. Newly acquired Isahi Trufant got a gift right in his lap and walked in for the tying score.

Tony Romo decided that he was not done choking away the game for his team just yet. Trying to throw the ball to a hobbled Dez Bryant, he hit Revis right in the numbers. The Jets all-pro CB took it to the 35 of Dallas. Three plays later Folk came on and made a 50 yard field goal look like a chip shot. Very impressive kick by the former Cowboy. Jets win 27-24 in regulation.

As I said earlier just an unbelievable victory. With that said there were a number of negatives for the Jets. The defense looked weak in the secondary. Cromartie did not play well at all. Wayne Hunter was just flat out brutal. He could not block a single soul on the Cowboys defense that is a major issue. Everyone is going to overreact about the lack of a run game. I am not concerned with this because with the Cowboys secondary decimated by injuries throwing the ball 44 times was the correct decision.

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