Game 2 recap: defense dominates

This one appeared on paper as a mismatch in the jets favor and it turned out the same way. The defense was dominant from the first snap until the last only allowing a field goal. Jacksonville never got into the redzone against the Jets. It was great to see rookie Mohammed Wilkerson play as well as he did. Put simply, the guy looks like the real deal. He looks like a prototypical 3-4 defensive end. It was relieving to see Cromartie pick up his play in a big way after struggling in week one.
As good as the defense was, the offense still could be much better. The pass protection struggled once again. Something needs to be done about the right tackle position, that Rob Turner injury is now looming large in the Jet locker room. Judging by his preseason performance Vlad Ducasse is not stepping in anytime soon, so Bill Callahan needs to figure something out before Sanchez gets killed back there. The running game again struggled. Greene has been ineffective but in my opinion has not been given enough of a chance. We have seen Greene efficient running the ball outside the tackles and I do not believe we have seen enough of that. Sanchez was solid with the exception of a few poor decisions. Rex came out after the game and said Plax was double teamed the entire game. This shows why he was not targeted much. Dustin Keller was tremendous Sunday, now we can only hope he does not disappear after week 6 like last season.
One injury coming from this game is Mangold going down. This was a frightening moment but hopefully it is only 1 week as he is desparetly needed against baltimore in week 4. The Jets head to Oakland to try to improve to 3-0. The coliseum has proved to be a house of horrors in the past, but the Jets must forget this and take care of business. This is as close to a mist win as you can get in week 3 with road games against two of the AFC’s best ahead on the schedule.

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