Jets make crucial second half comeback

Coming off a season saving victory over the putrid Dolphins, the Jets had to keep it rolling going up against the AFC west leading Chargers. We knew this was no easy task, as the offense and defense were going to have to step up their game dramatically. The game began poorly when an errant pass from Sanchez bounced out of Keller’s hands right into Donald Butler’s lap. He made it an early 7-0 lead for the visitors. It appeared as though the offensive struggles might continue. The Jets were able to calm our worries a bit when they got the ball back and were able to drive down to make the score 7-3. The defense again did not look great letting Tolbert and Mathews run at will. Another problem was of course future hall of fame tight end Antonio Gates. The drive was capped off by a Rivers to Gates connection on a third down play from the two yardline. This score put a lot of pressure on the offense once again, and once again they answered the call. The Jets marched down the field with a balanced attack and a drive capped off by a td pass to Burress. The Chargers were able to score before the half to make it a 21-10 halftime lead.

The Chargers started with the ball in the third and the defense knew they needed a stop. They were able to do just that and the game was in a stalemate for most of the third quarter. The jets were able to put a drive together towards the end of the third, again the drive ending with a TD pass to Burress. With the Jets down 4 the defense again needed to step up. With the Chargers driving (and a brawl nearly breaking out in my section in the upper deck) Darrelle Revis once again was there to save the day. The ball seems to find great players in big spots and this is exactly what happened. Revis returned the interception back to the opponent 19 and for the third time the drive culminated with a Burress TD. The Jets were able to add one more field goal and held on to win 27-21.

Positives- There were many positives that came from this game. I’ll start with Shonn Greene. Greene had his first 100 yard game of the season and was hitting the holes with a purpose which is great to see. Another offensive positive was obviously Plax. After not having a TD reception since Oakland Sanchez was able to find him three times. Defensively, Kyle Wilson and Aaron Maybin stepped up in a big way. This is great to see. Wilson is starting to show why the Jets used a first rounder on him. The first interception aside Sanchez was solid throughout. He did not put up the best numbers of his career but, three TD passes is not too bad.

Negatives- Not too many negatives to take from this one. After the first half it appeared as though there would be plenty with the defense not stopping anyone. This turned around quickly in the second half as they posted a goose egg. I would say the outstanding negative from this game would be a few injuries including Kenrick Ellis going down as well as Greene. Both do not seem to be so serious and they have plenty of time to heal as the team heads into their week 8 bye.

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