Jets at Bills: Live Blog

-I do not know what Sanchez saw on that play but that cannot happen. Offense was putting together one of their best dives of the year and Sanchez throws it away. Unacceptable.

-Big stop by the defense there. Pitoitua totally blew that play up. Offense needs to get some field position back on this drive.

-This one has been as ugly as they come. The offense needs to step up on the first drive of the second half and make this a 10-0 game. It seems as though Ryan Fitzpatrick is not going to be able to muster up anything against this defense. We’ll see what happens in the second half but the offense needs to find a way to get something going. The mistakes need to stop and they need to pick up the defense and get the victory here, cannot lose this game with this defensive performance.

– Wow, huge play by pouha forcing the fumble and giving the offense a short field. Plax is a monster as he is displaying today.

– The Jets basically said today, sorry Buffalo we are going to impose our will on you the entire game. Doing whatever they want offensively and defensively in this second half.

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