Jets Fans want Peyton, but does the Jets Management?

Mark Sanchez is a decent quarterback who most Jets fans don’t want to have replaced, but Jets fans can’t hide from the fact that if Peyton Mannning was interested in playing for the New York Jets, they wouldn’t even remember who Mark Sanchez was a week after signing Manning. However, some anonymous Jets players (My. Anonymous Holmes?) said Peyton wouldn’t ever want to join the circus that the Jets are. But Tomlinson has expressed his interest in having Manning join the Jets, and his brother, Eli, to be the second Manning quarterback in New York.

As we know, Jets fans want Peyton Manning, some of the players would love to have him, while others don’t think it’s even a possibility, but we don’t know what the Jets owners and managements opinion on the matter is. Do they want to risk loweing Sanchez’s confidence by pursuing a replacement for him, or do they want to give him the security of being the started for the 2012 NFL season? What would you do if you were a member of the Jets management?

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