Did Shoulder Injury Prevent Sanchez Last Season?

Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI

According to Plaxico Burress, former WR of the Jets, his former teammate Quarterback Mark Sanchez who didn’t perform as expected during the 2011 season was nursing an injury during the 2011 season which prevented him from performing to his full potential.

According to Hank Gola of the New York Daily News, Burress said on the Radio that Sanchez was battling some injuries around his should last season was not known to everyone.  Sanchez is competing for the starting QB position with last season Broncos sensation Tim Tebow, but at the moment it is widely speculated that Sanchez will remain the starting QB and Tebow, the super backup.

If in the reason for Sanchez not performing as well last season was due to an injury, then a reason for him to perform exceptionally well this season will be the Tebow threat.  Knowing that Tebow was a backup QB at the Broncos for the first half of last season and came in during the later part of the season and left his footprint, Sanchez must be eager to put an end to every speculation and permanently seal his position as the starting QB.

When the season starts, the QB position for the Jets will be very competitive and interesting to monitor as both players try to prove their worth.

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