Reasons to tune into Jets Preseason Opener

Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

The first preseason game for any NFL team is essentially finished after the first two drives of the game. Obviously this is because that is all you are going to see of the team that will play all four quarters one month from today. But, because it is the first time we are seeing the green and white lace it up since January, there is a bit of excitement there. So we need to come up with reasons to watch the game beyond the first 10 minutes.

Reason # 1: Alright we will start with the obvious. I promise not to talk about him too much because he is all you hear about. Clearly I am speaking of Mr. Tim Tebow. When Sanchez leaves the game after his one or two drives Tebow will enter. It will be interesting to see how he is utilized by Sparano. I would have to imagine that they do not plan to reveal much in a meaningless preseason game. OK that is enough Tebow talk. (As you can probably already tell I dislike the move)

Reason # 2: This past off season the Jets decided to go the route of rebuilding through the draft rather than free agency. These four games are when these players must show the coaching staff their ability. The main players to look out for are first round pick Quinton Coples, second rounder Stephen Hill, and third round ILB Demario Davis. Those three players have the greatest chance of helping the team immediately. All three of them should see time with the first team and extended time deeper into the game as they need the reps. Mr. T’s Jets career as general manager could hinge on striking gold with 2 of those 3 players so it will be interesting to see how they perform in their first NFL action. Then there are the later round lesser known draft picks. RB Terrance Ganaway from Baylor has disappointed mightily so far at camp so he is in desperate need of a strong showing. Do not expect to see him until the third quarter. One other rookie to keep an eye on maybe by the second quarter is offensive lineman Robert Griffin. Taken in the 6th round out of Baylor Griffin is considered a project. On the defensive side of the ball Antonio Allen is a name to listen for in the second half tomorrow night in Cincinnati.

Reason # 3: The third and most important reason to watch is because the Jets are back! Will this game have any significance come week 1 at home against Buffalo? No, not much at all. But, for the first time in 7 months we can all look forward to watching a live Jets game. It is important for this team who has had their issues so far in camp to take some frustration out on an opponent. Hopefully some players other than just the rookies mentioned above can stand out and make their case for the regular season roster. That is what this is all about, everyone having a fresh start which is something this team needs!! Go Jets!!

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