Preseason game 1 RECAP/ Jets-Giants preview


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Raise your hand if you are already sick and tired of this preseason stuff! Yeah me too. I am so ready for September 9 to be here but unfortunately we must first get through the drag that is the preseason. It is hard to look at anything that happens in the first preseason game too closely. One cannot get too up or too down about any one player because of how vanilla everything in the game is. It was nice to Quinton Coples play as well as he did . It should give him something to build upon leading up to week 1. There is not much too take from the QB position from this game. Tebow made some plays with his legs like he will always do. What can you say about Sanchez? He was in for two drives and the offense was showing nothing. To me it did look like he had a little extra zip on a couple of the throws he made, it will be interesting to see if this is noticeable against New York.

While watching the game there were a few specific things that bothered me. The reason I was bothered by these things is because they are reoccurring themes from last season. The first was the blitz pickup by the offensive line. It just needs to be better and that is the bottom line. If it does not improve than neither is this team’s passing game. Another negative I noticed which will be a negative until he is off this team was Bart Scott’s play. He really has not been the same guy he was in Baltimore his entire Jet career but it is now glaringly obvious. In regards to Scott, I think it will get to the point where he can no longer be on the field. One last thing from the game that bothered me was Dustin Keller’s attempt to block. It was not pretty, and one has to wonder how he is going to fit into this Tony Sparano offense where the TE is regularly asked to block.

So as the Jets move on to bigger and better things they prepare themselves for the defending super bowl champion New York Giants. Of course there will be a bunch of hoopla about nothing. In the end it is a meaningless preseason game. No one will remember who won by Monday morning. This will be a good test to see where the Jets offensive line is at this point just a few weeks away from opening day. It is a little bit of a concern that Santonio Holmes will once again not participate in the game. Something to look for is how many reps Cromartie receives at WR. I cannot imagine it will be very many at all considering the injury risk. The number one story I will be watching in this one is Coples. Will he be able to follow up his impressive debut with another strong outing? Also, not to be forgotten is the important kicking competition between Nick Folk and Josh Brown.

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