Bart Scott is Ready to “ball out”


Photo by: Anthony J. Causi/Icon SMI

Bart Scott, who remains unapologetic for his childish behavior to the media at the conclusion of last season, still considers himself a victim to the New York media. Bart Scott, the New York Jets linebacker, who seems to have diminishing talent based on his past three season with the Jets has never been known for being short on words, is once again yapping his mouth. This time Bart Scott is stating that he is going to “ball out” in 2012. If “ball out” means that he will play well and not be a defensive liability during spans of games this upcoming season, then we’ll believe it when we see it.

The Jets explored their options with Bart Scott this past offseason, attempting to trade him and unload his large contract from their books, however, no one was willing to take on his poor attitude and his outstanding contract. If he likes New York, he can thank his childish whining and constant finger pointing when things go wrong for staying, because that is why no one else wanted him. Mr. Scott complains that the media portrays him as a “bad dude”, we disagree, they just portray him for what he is, a dumbass.

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