Jets shut down Buffalo Bills in season opener


Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The Buffalo Bills got a rude awakening with the Jets setting a team opening week record of 48 points against the much hyped Bills. The Buffalo Bills had much hype on their side during the offseason especially with the addition of Mario Williams who was signed to a whopping $100 million contract with $50 million in guarantees. That made him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history and built much hype around the Buffalo Bills until he met Austin Howard who was signed off the Baltimore Ravens’ practice squad. To add injury to the insulting Bills’ 48 – 28, two of the Bills’ offensive stars, Fred Jackson (Running Back) and David Nelson (Wide Receiver) sustained knee injuries on Sunday’s game. This is only game one of the season and does not necessarily set the stage for the rest of the season but the opening game serves as a first look at the results of roster and signing decisions made by team management and also gives new players a stage to make first impressions with their new teams’ fans. This does not negate Williams’ ability to perform but it does highlight the Jets’ potential and.
Stephen Hill definitely had a great game despite battling sickness and reportedly throwing up on the sidelines. Hill showed up and held his own against the Bills by showing improvement in his running game and catching five passes for eighty-nine (89) yards and two touch downs.

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