Jets Play Uninspiring Football in Loss

Chances were that without their best defensive player, and without Dustin Keller the Jets were going to have trouble winning in Pittsburgh. This turned out to be true. Early on the Jets had some promising moments especially offensively. After the Jets opening offensive drive it looked like they were well on their way to repeating their week 1 performance against Buffalo. Sanchez came out and immediately looked like the possessed man from week 1. Unfortunately this only lasted for the first drive of the game.

The Jets were able to generate a field goal on their second drive, but it should have been a 7 point drive. There were a few plays in particular that really bothered me when watching the game. One play was the throw Sanchez made to Stephen Hill. Hill who was non existent after an unbelievable opening day, needs to come down with this ball if he wants the ball thrown his way. Mark probably could not have made a better throw and Hill just failed to come down with it. The other play that bothered me was on Sanchez. At this point in the drive the Jets had the ball at about the 30 yard line. Sanchez rolled out threw across the middle where Holmes was open in the endzone and just totally over threw him. If that pass is put where it should have been it most likely would have been 14-6. As it was it was 10-6 and it would be the final points the Jets offense put on the board all day. After this drive it was 3 and out after 3 and out combined with the fact that the defense could not get off the field, the offense did not have much of a chance.

As for the defense. Well getting off the field against Pittsburgh has become some sort of a recurring theme, and honestly I am terribly sick of it. I understand that Roethlisberger makes a living extending the play with his size and ability to avoid the rush but, you are not going to tackle him if you run right past him! This happened too many times on Sunday. It is one thing if you come through the line hit him and he stays up because of his strength and size, but it really bothers me when defenders are coming in and basically just missing him.

The play that was the real back breaker for the Jets falls on the shoulders of Antonio Cromartie. I am not exactly sure what he was doing on this play. It was third down Roethlisberger threw a punt into the endzone and Cromartie ran so far past Mike Wallace that Wallace could have called for a fair catch and still have caught it! What really ticked me off about this play was after the fact Cromartie had the nerve to gesture to the ref that Wallace’s foot landed out of bounds. Guess what Cro? It did not land out of bounds. And next time you get beat like a mighty might shut your mouth and trot over to the sidelines.

This was definitely a game to forget for the Jets. By the middle of the third quarter when it was 20-10 everyone knew the game was over. It was almost as if the Jets themselves knew it was over. The loss as a whole does not bother me as much as certain things that happened during the game. I did not expect a victory especially without Revis. It is now time to move on and take care of business with Miami next up on the schedule.

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