Receivers Need To Help Sanchez Against Dolphins

The New York Jets were beaten, bloodied, and pretty much embarrassed when they were beaten by the Pittsburgh Steelers over the weekend. They just looked awful from the point that they took a 10-6 advantage in the first quarter, and they know that they have to play a heck of a lot better if they want to go on the road and beat the Miami Dolphins this weekend.

NFL picks on the Jets will only be winners if they win by more than a field goal, which is the point spread for the weekend.

After going 151 yards on its opening two drives of the game against the Steelers, New York had just 120 total yards on 32 plays, an average of just 3.75 yards per play. Only two drives got into Pittsburgh territory, and none reached the red zone. There were six punts and no points.

Immediately, one would point the finger at Mark Sanchez. It would be difficult not to do so, knowing that the former USC Trojans went 4-for-5 on his first drive and completed just six passes for the rest of the game, but no less than seven passes were dropped between his receivers over the course of the rest of the game.

Needless to say, this has to improve and improve rapidly for the Jets to have a fighting chance against a team that they should beat on Sunday.

Santonio Holmes converted just three catches on 11 targets last week, while Stephen Hill had a touchdown in his hands on the second drive of the game that he dropped, and he was never heard from again.

If there is some solace, it is that the Dolphins rank No. 30 in the league in pass defense at 313.5 YPG through two games, so Sanchez and the Jets should be able to get something started. If not though, the ground game might find troubles against this No. 4 ranked rush ‘D’, and the Jets could be grounded and stuck at the bottom of the AFC East.

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