Jets Head into Miami Needing to Bounce Back

The last time the Jets played a game in Miami I think we can all agree that it was an unmitigated disaster. It was one of the worst games of Sanchez’s career and everything that could go wrong went wrong. The problems of the entire 2011 all compiled and blew up in the Jets face.

Luckily, that disgraceful 2011 performance is in the past and it is up to this Jets team to make it history. The Dolphins enter the game with a 1-1 record led by rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. With Darrelle Revis back on the field after missing a week with a concussion this game should not prove to be much of a challenge for the Jet defense. Last week against Oakland Miami was able to find success on offense by sticking to the ground game, which is normally the key to success when a rooke qb is at the helm. The problem with that is the Jets do not allow teams to run on them. This puts the game in Ryan Tannehill’s hands. I have a good feeling that Mr. Tannehill will be introduced to Darrelle rather quickly. If he dare attempts to throw to that side of the field I could see it going the other way for 6. While being filmed during Hardknocks Tannehill thought the Chiefs were in the NFC east, so let’s hope he does not know who Revis is.

After an offensive explosion in week 1 the Jets offense came to a sudden halt after the first quarter last week in Pittsburgh. They were unable to move the ball in any way. The line could not run block or protect Sanchez. This is going to have to change quickly. Sanchez can ill afford another performance like last week. If it does happen we all know what the media will be saying, and I am pretty sure no logical Jet fan wants to see that happen. It will be nice to see Stephan Hill be involved today, as well as Dustin Keller who is coming off an injury as well. Look for the Jets offense to bounce back in a big way in this one and Sanchez to duplicate that week 1 performance. I see the Jets winning this one in a route 31-7.

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