Jets Squeak Out Victory in OT

It took an excruciating 60 minutes of football plus overtime, but the Jets were able to prevail on the road in Miami thanks to a missed field goal in ot for Dan Carpenter just minutes before Folk’s game winner. It was not the prettiest of victories but in this league a win is a win. The offense struggled to stay on the field and the defense once again could not get out of their own way on third downs. The biggest story that will come out of this game is the loss of Darrelle Revis. All signs pointed to an ACL injury, and today at noon that was confirmed. Revis will miss the entire season as he will need surgery to repair a torn ACL, a crushing blow to the Jets. We will discuss that more later, for now we will focus on yesterday.

I will start with the offense. Well that basically opens pandora’s box as to where to begin picking apart this putrid performance. I’ll begin at the quarterback position. A lot is going to be said about Mark Sanchez this week and not much of it is going to be positive. Sanchez did not have a good game by any means but to say he was horrid is unfair. First of all when the plays needed to be made late in the game he made them. Second of all the guy has no help. The fact that he was only sacked once in the game is not a testament to the offensive line it is a credit to the quarterback. Sanchez spent  a lot of the game stepping up into the pocket as the rush came from Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick. Sanchez could have helped himself by being more accurate on a number of throws but overall he was very average but, not terrible.

Offensive Line– Here is something I never thought I would live to say. Vladimir Ducasse deserves to be playing over Matt Slauson. While watching the game I did notice that Ducasse was in from time to time but Slauson still saw more time. As I went back and watched the game on NFL rewind I realized that Ducasse was actually better, MUCH better. When Ducasse was in, his run blocking was far superior to Slauson’s. Vlad was routinely blowing up the defender in front of him and even getting to the second level a few times. I did not once see this from Slauson. Slauson was either missing his block or standing around doing nothing on run plays. Pass blocking neither was great, but Ducasse was not terrible. I look at this as something to watch going forward. The rest of the line had an OK game. Austin Howard really struggled pass blocking. This is what caused Sanchez to have to step up as much as he did.

Wide Receivers- Well let us all thank god for Santonio Holmes yesterday. Without him and a couple plays from Kerley the wide receiver core really is just hideous. Stephen Hill needs to learn how to catch, or get off the field. Clyde Gates, well he is Clyde Gates. Chaz Schilens was also pretty useless. Cumberland made a big catch late in the game but also looked as though he had a 1 inch vertical when Sanchez over threw him on the goal line. Dustin Keller where are you?

Running Backs- Look out Shonn it might be time for Bilal to take over. Former 4th round pick Bilal Powell showed up yesterday and showed some explosion. While it is not anything to write home about it is far better then what Greene has shown through three games.

Defensively the Jets again were frustrating. The inability to get off the field on third down is terribly frustrating and the tackling was once again poor. Any team is going to run the ball effectively against you if you cannot tackle. Tackling and a lack of a pass rush were the biggest issues for the defense Sunday. Obviously going forward the major issue is going to be the lack of Revis Island.

Defensive Line- I thought against the run the defensive line played well. Mo Wilks and Devito made a number of plays but were unable to produce a pass rush. Sione Po’uha might be on his last legs. It is about time for Kenrick Ellis to step in and take over the starting role at nose tackle. Po’uha was terrible yesterday as he was last week against Pitt. Ellis can make some plays and because of his size might demand a double team if he gains respect. Coples probably had his most promising game as a rookie. He was not on the field as much as one would like but he was able to make a couple plays against the run and even pressure the qb twice.

Linebackers- The problem here were gap assignments and cutback lanes. Also, Pace and Mcintyre did not do a great job of setting the edge on outside run plays. Against the pass it is a major issue. Bart Scott gets beat every single time by the same exact move, fake to the sideline cut back to the middle of the field and he is left swimming.

Secondary- Landry made some big plays, most notably the pick six that tied the game early in the third quarter. Cromartie played a better game then week 2 but still seems to have mental lapses from time to time. It is the other corner position that is going to be a disaster without Revis. Kyle Wilson has shown time and again that he is a bust and Ellis Lankster definitely is not the answer. Maybe there is a vet on the market that can be scooped up, if so Mr. T better get on the phones.

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