Week 4 Jets Vs. 49ers

The Jets enter the quarter pole at 2-1 which sounds good. It is quite possibly the worst 2-1 record I have ever seen as they have been thoroughly unimpressive the last 2 weeks. But hey this is the NFL: a win is a win.

Clearly the Jets need to play a much better game today to knock off the physical 49ers. The 49ers come off of an embarrassing loss against Minnesota in which their fiery coach was not pleased. Jim Harbaugh will no doubt have this team ready to play today. The Jets need to realize that they are going to be smacked around today and they are going to have to counter act that. 3 years ago the Jets lived by their physicality, they better bring that back today.

Running the ball is going to be a challenge against a tough Niners front 7. Defensively the matchup that has to worry you is Vernon Davis. The Jets have never been able to cover a tight end in the Rex Ryan era and what makes one think it is going to happen now? Without Revis it will interesting to see whether the Jets are more or less aggressive defensively.

The return of Dustin Keller should help the passing game immensely but the question will be whether or no the Jets can get their run game going. Do not be surprised if we see Bilal Powell get more carries then Greene. Today is going to be quite the challenge for the Jets, here’s to hoping they are up to the test. GO JETS!!!

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