Jets Embarrassed on Their Home Turf

It is absolutely unacceptable for any team to ever come out and play like that in front of their home fans. Anyone that was not covered in Niners red while exiting the stadium should have immediately received a refund. The Jets offense did not show up, the defense could not tackle once again, and even the special teams was terrible. 34-0 is one of the worst home losses the Jets have ever suffered. I have witnessed some poor performances from this franchise over the years but this ranks up there with the worst. It was quite ironic to see the Jets get the wildcat ran all over them, when the “Tebow” wildcat has gone for about 30 yards the entire season.

Sanchez played possibly the worst game of his career. His continued blatant disregard to protect the football is what I can no longer put up with. At this point in his career he is supposed to be maturing. The first three years I gave him a bit of the pass on the turnovers by saying, this is what all quarterbacks go through. Well yesterday is where I draw the line. With 2 minutes left in the 2nd quarter only down 7-0 Sanchez fumbled the football when the Jets had the ball on the San Francisco 25. It was a third down play where the pocket collapsed and he fumbles. That is just terrible no other way to put it. The play was dead it was completely blown up and he attempted to stay on his feet and got stripped. He needs to understand that in that situation a sack is OK. San Fran took the turnover and turned it into a 10-0 halftime lead. Sanchez’s second mistake that almost drove me to complete insanity was the interception thrown on a screen pass. The Jets came out in the second half and were actually showing some life. They got to midfield when a screen pass was set up. Even on TV you could tell all Sanchez had to do was get this ball to Greene and there was a whole lot of daylight. Well as only Mark Sanchez could do, he threw a pick on a screen pass. This all but ended the game, maybe not on the scoreboard but in the minds of the Jets they had to feel demoralized.

Santonio Holmes pulled one of the more bizarre moves on an NFL field I think I have ever seen. As he went down in a heap of pain he basically handed the ball to Carlos Rogers who took it to the house to make the lead insurmountable. I feel for Holmes if he has a serious injury but, next time can you please hold on to the ball?

The run game is non existent and once again Rex Ryan’s vaunted defense was embarrassed on the ground. San Francisco was able to run at will and the only reason the score did not look bad at the half was David Akers missing field goals and Alex Smith over throwing his receivers while Kyle Wilson was repeatedly getting burnt. I really do not even want to talk about Kyle Wilson who is clearly incapable of playing in the NFL but I have to say one thing. The finger wave that he was doing after Alex Smith was over throwing receivers was sickening. Earth to Kyle, you suck just go to the sidelines and shut up.

It was only one loss but it just looked and felt like so much more then that. The Holmes injury gives the Jets a total of 0 weapons on offense and the defense cannot tackle anyone. Three different 49ers players ran for more yardage then the Jets team! Things do not get easier as Houston makes a trip to MetLife Stadium next Monday. Rex better find a way to rally his troops or things might only get worse for this team.

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