Week 6: Jets vs. Colts


Photo by Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The Jets have fallen to 2-3 after losing their past two games, and unfortunately the quarterback controversy has already begin. Sanchez hopefully is getting the message that he needs to shine in week six and defeat the the Indianapolis Colts, otherwise the Tebow era for the Jets may start sooner than later. With a plethora of the New York Jets starters out due to injuries, the Jets will need their veterans to take a larger leadership role and right the ship.

Last season their was a lot of drama in the Jets locker room, and lot of it was blamed on Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress, the teams two top receivers. This year Burress is unemployed, and Holmes is now on IR after suffering a season ending injury. Having receivers who cause a lot of internal disputes is never good for a developing quarterback, but now Sanchez is considered one of the veterans on the Jets offense, and he will need to play like that and be able to take charge of his offense. If Sanchez fails to step up to the challenge and the Jets lose to Colts, led by rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, then don’t be surprised if the media begins asking for Tebow to get a chance.

Game Details:
Date: 10/14/2012
Time: 1:00pm EST
Stadium: MetLife Stadium
TV Broadcast: CBS

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