Which Shonn Greene Will Show up Today?


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

Last season Shonn Greene was the definition of an enigma. There were certain times where he was able to be relied upon, and others where he could not get anything going. So far this season Greene has been a disaster. He has yet to average 4 YPC in a game. He only has 1 touchdown as he cannot sniff the endzone even from inside the 5.

The Jets’ confidence in Greene is slipping. Last week against Houston he was only given the ball 8 times. If this offense is going to find success it is going to start with Greene. Is he the runner he was in the playoffs in 09 and 2010? Clearly, he is not that consistently. Can he be a decent back in this league? I believe he can be, he proved that last year. Greene normally gets better as he gets more carries throughout a game and wears down the defense. With that said, he needs to come out today in the first quarter like he was shot out of a cannon. If Greene comes out early and looks rejuvenated it will give Sparano and the Jets confidence to go to him time and again.

The problem is Greene has not come out like that yet this season. Greene needs to touch the ball 20 times today against a weak Colts run defense. If he gets the ball 20 times I think the positive Shonn Greene will be present today. If the Jets are going to get back to .500 it is going to be because of Shonn having a big game. He will have his breakout game for the 2012 season today and run for 100 yards and a td.

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