Jets Run Game Dominates in Rout of Indy

Following this game there would be no question as to who should be playing quarterback for the Jets because Mark Sanchez got what he needs to succeed, a solid run game. Sanchez only had to throw the ball 18 times because of 252 yards from the Jets on the ground.

Sanchez was efficient in his 18 throws, not turning the ball over and throwing 2 touchdown passes in the redzone, an area that has been an issue for Mark so far this season. Sanchez has shown through out his career that he is at his best when complimented with a strong running attack. I do not take this as a slight on Sanchez just that he is not Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Mark proved once again Sunday that he is more then capable of helping this team win games.

Shonn Greene came out on Sunday afternoon and shut down any notion that his job could be in jeopardy. Greene played the best game of his 4 year career. 161 yards rushing was a career high as well as the 3 tds. Joe Mcknight also contributed in the run game with a 61 yard scamper that set up a touchdown for the Jets. But, what would a Jets game this season be without a key injury? Mckinght and third down back Bilal Powell both suffered injuries and will be out this week at New England. Mcknight will be missed on kickoffs, and Powell will be missed in pass protection and out of the backfield on third downs. Powell has been somewhat of an unsung hero recently as he has done an excellent jobs picking up blitzes in the backfield.

The story of the day for the Jets was breakout games, just ask rookie Quinton Coples. Coples entered the game with 0 sacks and left the game with 2. He finally came out and looked like the guy the Jets thought they were getting with the 16th pick in the draft. His presence improved the whole pass rush as even Wilkerson joined in with a sack of his own. If not for a bad rookie mistake Coples could have had 3 sacks on the day. One sack was negated by a facemask penalty, something that needs to be avoided if the Jets have intentions of toppling the Patriots. Cromartie was once again spectacular. He had a TD called back on a bogus penalty but the interception stood. If Cromartie can continue to play at this level it minimizes the loss of Revis slightly.

Sunday was a step in the right direction for the Jets but Indianapolis was a team the Jets were supposed to beat. Now the real test is on the road in New England. If the Jets get the same contributions from key players they will have a good chance of beating the mighty Patriots.

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