Rex Ryan believes NY Jets can beat New England Patriots


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

It would appear Rex Ryan likes the Jets’ chances against the New England Patriots. The confident coach has been fairly quiet in the first six weeks of the season, but he’s rolling out the fighting talk right now, putting on a front ahead of the Patriots match.

“They know that I think we’re going to beat them,” Ryan has said. “I recognize that they’re a great football team and Belichick’s a great coach. I’ve never once said that he wasn’t. But again, we’re not going to back down or concede anything.”

Despite the Patriots being the preseason favorites to win the AFC East, their performance thus far hasn’t inspired much hope. Something the Jets’ are clearly going to take advantage of. Ryan’s not planning to relax on and have a beer though, because he recognizes the match between the bitter rivals won’t be an easy win. He fully expects the opposition to give as good as they get.

“We’re coming there to take our swing. We’ll see if we land that punch to win the game,” he said.

The Jets, Patriots, Bills and Dolphins all currently stand at 3-3, which Ryan joked meant “we’re also tied for last.” And while the Patriots have turned their performance around in the past, it gives the Jets and the rest of the division hope for their own performances. That said, we mustn’t forget they are still the team to beat in this division.

Rex Ryan said on the subject: “They lost three games. That’s probably more than they normally lose in a season, but we need to worry about ourselves more than anybody else.”

The Jets have added Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry to their safeties, which in theory could cause some disruption to New England’s tight end double act, Aaron Hernandez (who has just returned from an ankle injury) and Rob Gronkowski. However, this is one of the games where the loss of Revis is huge, he would have been able to go one on one with any of the Patriots receivers and have made them invisible for the entire 60 minutes.

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