Some betting tips for the NFL

Of course the most important tip to remember when it comes to NFL betting – as with pretty much all forms of sports betting – is that you need to maintain up to date information about the NFL in order to make successful bets. This means keeping on top of the form of the teams and any injuries to top players that could affect their chances. It is also important that you make bets only with established, reputable sports betting sites, because otherwise you run the risk of not getting paid, even if your bet comes through.
Another key tip when it comes to betting on which side will win the AFC, NFC or Super Bowl is to wait until the season is underway before making your bet, as sometimes the teams which are hotly tipped before the start of the season fail to live up to those expectations – which can prove costly for those betting. An example of this would be the Broncos last season, who were amongst the favorites for the Super Bowl, but failed to even make it to the play-offs. You might also consider betting on a wild card team, as in recent seasons a number of these have gone on to success in the post-season.

Ultimately, all of these tips should hopefully improve your chances of success, but betting on the NFL is never an exact science – which is part of the fun of it all. Just as it is with NFL themed slots games like $5 Million Touchdown, which has proven such a hit at online casino sites like This game has proved to be a smash with NFL fans because it the NFL theme really does run throughout it – from reel icons of players, footballs, cheerleaders and whistles – to the brilliant bonus game involving passing a virtual ball from player to player in an attempt to score a touchdown. You also get all the best features of a modern slot, like cheap play and a great chance of a payout, meaning $5 Million Touchdown has it all.

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